• Do not forget Michael Brown
  • Do not forget how the media dehumanized him and tried to justify his murder
  • Do not forget how peaceful protests were painted as savage riots
  • Do not forget police armed with military grade weapons terrorized and arrested black civilians
  • Do not forget Darren Wilson being awarded over $200,000 in fundraiser donations for murdering an unarmed black child
  • Do not forget that this system was not built to defend us, but to control us
  • Do not forget Ferguson 
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Deconstructing Masculinity & Manhood with Michael Kimmel @ Dartmouth College
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Please watch the video.

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Its to easy to stop caring

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No Time to Grieve

I had this dream where my family was staying at my grandparents’ house when the neighborhood got swarmed with zombies. We were all staying quiet while we locked windows and my parents and grandma armed themselves in case of invasion. The only problem was my younger brother kept shrieking while chasing my sister around the house which eventually called the attention of the undead. My younger siblings, my grandpa, and I ran upstairs and locked ourselves in the master bedroom but my brother never stopped laughing and talking loudly. We hold tight until a zombie breaks in and we dash for the bathroom. The zombie manages to squeeze an arm in before I can close the door and its only me keeping my family safe. This bit seems to stretch on forever as I think about how if a zombie made it’s way up here, my parents must be dead, but I just keep repeating to myself that my mom will come get me, someone will save us, my dad isn’t dead, until my mom slices the zombies head off. However our safety doesn’t last and we get word that a huge swarm is coming our way. What’s left of the neighborhood is working together with what limited resources we have. I manage to get ahold of a saw but it becomes clear that it isn’t gonna work and my mom gives me a jug connected to a perfume puffer and says that’ll stop any zombies. The zombies attack, the anti-zombie perfume is very effective, and in the aftermath I find my sister, still alive. No other family members are in sight and we agree that we’ll grieve another day, there’s too much to do right now. My parents appear and become the leaders of the group of remaining survivors. We get in our vehicles and start driving in the forest, betting there’ll be less zombies there. Night falls and our headlights reveal hundreds of deer corpses, mangled, blood everywhere, and everyone is afraid of what could have done this. Then a deer moves it head and another stands up. Several are watching us when my driver stops the van. All of us inside start freaking out, but he only mumbles, “I’ve got to find her. I have to get her.” He exits the van, comes back with a stuffed animal, and continues driving without a word. Eventually we find a clearing and we all stop here. Our plan is to build a fort and live here, with enough numbers to protect ourselves, and then I wake up.

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I had probably the 2nd worst nightmare of my life last night where I was part of a failed rebellion. The government covered it up, since we were all kids and they didn’t wanna look bad by killing us, saying our minds had been influenced by a demon and we had become something less than human. I went back to living with my family where I was continually mistreated. Wasn’t allowed to eat with my family, or have anything for myself, and i was never spoken to as an equal. I got really fed up and just screamed at my parents that I was their daughter, I hadn’t stopped being human, and I deserved to be acknowledged as such. My grandpa interrupted me spouting off bullshit like, “Oh, you know after their contact with the devil, their poor brains just can’t keep up with reality” and just insinuating that I was incompetent and insane until it was time for dinner. It was the holidays and apparently the only time of the year I’d have the gift of actually eating in public with my family because “the poor children who took in the evil of that demon stopped any ill will that would’ve happened elsewhere” and my christmas gift was just a piece of paper saying I could eat breakfast and dinner with my family for the next two weeks if I wanted. After that I was sent away to some boarding school where I was bullied by all the “normal” kids and someone thought I was a troll from homestuck??? Anyways, the dorms were segregated between the “untainted” white kids and everyone else. My only comfort was a pet rock that ate peanuts. I woke up really angry and I cried in my sleep at some point.

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Barbie the Cannibal

My dream begins with myself, as Spyro, giving a game tutorial in my room. Miss Finster, from the cartoon Recess, is the antagonist and the goal is to exit the room without waking her. I must also choose a toy from a pile, each one makes a noise, thus providing the challenge. I creep towards the door and suddenly I am in my own body and Miss Finster is one of my barbie dolls in a baby’s high chair. I poke the barbie doll and it snaps at me. Leaving the toy behind, I flee the room. The scene changes and now I am looking out a window at my parents playing golf. The same barbie from before is now easily over 10 feet tall and runs at my parents from behind. She swallows them  whole in front of my eyes and I wake up crying. I have not touched that doll since.

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Undersea Inception

Last night I dreamt that a cousin of mine started contacting me via tumblr about a family reunion coming up. Later that day I arrive at her dad’s house to see the party is in motion, but the coolers full of drinks were forgotten at someone’s home and I join my grandpa and uncle to get them. Suddenly I fall out of the van without harm and am placed in what looks like a office you would find in a clinic. A nurse hands me a water bra and a swimsuit with a knowing look and without questioning anything I put on the articles given to me. She then guides me out of the building where I find myself underwater. There is a hubbub among the fish and then silence when a starfish enters the scene. Immediately I recognize him as the dictator of the ocean and realize, oh shit, I’m probably his concubine or something. Out of the corner of my eye I see some of my friends and the Doctor. He gives me a wink and disappears. I know he’s up to something, will probably save myself and my friends and maybe the whole ocean, so I decide to play along and pretend to be dumb to acquire more information. It turns out all I have to do is sit next to the starfish dictator and listen to him babble about his day. It doesn’t take long to learn he’s really a puppet to a squid who’s the real brains behind the operation. However, before further action can take place I wake up to discover I’m in a classroom that looks a lot like my grandparents’s living room and find that my friends who were in the dream are discussing it as well. We all discover that we each had dreams that took place in the same setting. My friends were about to be executed when we all woke up. Then, I really wake up.

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Harry Potter, President of the New World

I had this one dream where I had arrived on a new planet. The gist was Earth was falling apart and the adults had exhausted every effort to get all the minors onto this safe planet and continue the human race. We had an established shelter and what limited resources we had brought with us as well as hundreds of books that had already been organized into a library. I was wandering around this library when a guy I went to school with appeared. He was a librarian and he showed me around. We played legos with this kid until it got dark. The new world lacked electricity it seemed. I left the building and followed two teens walking away towards a mountain. Upon noticing me, they called me to join them and asked me, “Harry, where have you been?” Suddenly, I am Harry Potter, suffering from amnesia but the longer I walk with my friends (who turn out to be Ron and Hermione) the more I recollect of myself. We embark on a quest to seize electricity for our developing colony. Our only hope is to reach the faraway mountain. After several hours we reach the base of a sheer face of the mountain. At eye level there is a speaker implanted in the rock and a voice booms out “DANCE.” I am suddenly joined by roughly a hundred other dancers dressed in safari animal costume and we commence in a well choreographed musical number with me at the lead. I am on fire. This is the best dancing I have ever done in my life. The music ends. The voice speaks again. “GOOD JOB. I LIKED THAT. HERE YOU GO.” Lights flick on above us and a cheer is raised. I, Harry Potter, have secured electricity for the new planet. The crowd carries me back home where I take my place as world president and live in my mansion.

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